giovedì 6 settembre 2012

Honda RS 1000 Endurance Racer 1982 by Max Moto Modeling (Tamiya)

Scale 1:12

Foto: Max Moto Modeling

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Silas Ginn ha detto...

This thing is GORGEOUS! I'd love to include these pics in my collection of some several thousand pics of the DOHC-4 Honda. I'm building a "CB900K0 Bol Bomber" ('82 CB900F based homage to the '65 CB450K0 Black Bomber, wire-spoke rims, polished CB1100R alloy tank for the "Toaster-Tank" effect, all sorts of race-spec chassis upgrades, original Wolf exhaust, Cal-Fab swinger, big-bore 985cc engine, etc) and am trying to obtain as many details about the race bikes as I can, such as the width of the rear Comstar wheel - At some point I'd like to whip up a set of these same wheels using the Akront "NERVI" rims and a substitute hub on a smaller drum-brake rear wheel from CB400T etc. And a full RCB replica one of these days - at least, a set of Comstars to match my wide wire-spoke rims, to swap over for wet/dry track day wheels. Anyway yeah, even pics of a scale model - a well built one anyhow, can be useful to gather info from.

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